You can travel with us, worry free, as we guarantee that you will be on time to catch your ship! Our cruise excursions and day trips depart directly from the dock in Reykjavik, Akureyri, Ísafjörður and Seyðisfjörður. Please send us an enquiry and we will do our best to serve you as well as possible. Please note that private tours are also available, we love to make adventures happen. 

Book great Iceland tours from Reykjavik by using our user-friendly online booking services. We also offer fantastic a Golden Circle day tour and of course no Icelandic adventure is complete without an exciting Reykjavik northern lights tour.

Day tours for cruise ship passengers in Iceland

After years of servicing cruise ship passengers we keep a close track of all cruise ships docking in Iceland and have therefore designed special day tours from Reykjavik, Akureyri, Seyðisfjörður and Ísafjörður.

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Book exciting Iceland tours for cruise ship passengers with IG Tours in 2022

Here at IG Tours, we specialise in providing you with some of the best sightseeing tours when you come to Iceland by cruise ships. Our aim is not just to sell tours, but also to have our guests experience Iceland. In case your ship is unable to dock due to weather or should you experience sickness onboard, IG Tours offers a full cancellation and refund policy.

Day tours for cruise ship passengers in Iceland

IG Tours presents cruise ship passengers with the opportunity to explore Iceland. After years of providing cruise ship passengers with the best services, we know how to keep a close track of all cruise ships docking in Iceland and have designed special day tours for you with our guided Iceland tours for cruise passengers. Go on a journey to the South Coast of Iceland, visit the famous Golden Circle or even choose to go river rafting. We offer a variety of day trips for you to explore Iceland.

You can travel with us, worry free, as we guarantee that you will be on time to catch your ship. Each IG Tour minibus is scheduled to leave for a tour 30 minutes after the ship has docked at one of the multiple ports in Iceland. Our cruise excursions and day trips depart directly from the dock in ReykjavikAkureyriÍsafjörður and Seyðisfjörður.

Brief background on the different docks that we depart from

Reykjavik Cruise Port of Call

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland with a large population of 128 000 inhabitants. When a cruise ship docks in Reykjavik, they generally use one of the following locations:

The Central Old Harbor

The Central Old Harbor is used particularly for smaller boats.

Skarfabakki Cruise Dock

The Skarfabakki Cruise Dock is situated 3 kilometres away from the city centre. This is where large ships usually dock.

Akureyri Port of Call

Akureyri is located on the northern side of Iceland. This scenic town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and an ice-free fishing port. Cruise ships that dock in Akureyri dock at the Oddeyrarbryggja Pier.

Ísafjörður Port of Call

Ísafjörður, located on the northwest side of Iceland, is a small town with a population of 2600 people.

Ísafjörður is known for its deep fishing history and has one of the biggest fisheries in Iceland. The Ísafjörður port has the biggest harbor on the West Fjords, and the third busiest port of call for cruise ships that dock in Iceland.

Seyðisfjörður Port of Call

Seyðisfjörður is a port town that is situated on the east of Iceland. Seyðisfjörður is recognized for its wooden buildings that were built by Norwegian fishermen. These buildings can still be seen in Seyðisfjörður today.

Advantages of booking a shore excursion

  1. We at IG Tours want to make your shore excursion in Iceland memorable. We understand that time is of the essence when you book a shore excursion. So, to avoid any difficulty, each tour is arranged within the time frame of your cruise ship
  2. Travel to different sights in a luxurious minibus. We will pick you up and drop you off back at the port.
  3. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide who will also share knowledge about the places that you choose to visit.
  4.  Our cruise ship passenger tours operate in small groups. This provides a more personal and pleasurable trip.

We strive to provide our guests with the best experience beloved country and take back pleasant memories from their visit. Click on the link to our frequently asked questions page for tourists who book a shore excursion with Iceland Guided Tours below, should you have question that you feel need to be answered before securing an exciting sightseeing tour of Iceland. If you want to find out more about our shore excursions for cruise ship passengers feel free to click on the enquiry page below and fill your details in the spaces provided. We will provide feedback as per your request.

Read more about our fantastic Iceland tours for cruise ship passengers today. Click on one of our shore excursions above for an in-depth itinerary and details on what is included with each package. We have grouped our shore excursions for you according to the different ports that they depart from. Speak to one of our friendly staff members today or book a tour package on our website by using our user-friendly online booking services.

Please note that we also offer Private tours. Travel in a small group and choose where you want to go when you book our custom Private Tours.